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What values are, and that one can discuss controversial values, is certainly aware of anyone who has dealt with it. The concrete dealing with values is almost as old as thinking itself. Already in antiquity there were corresponding writings and models. Of value systems had certainly not spoken. But probably that man must know what seems to him meaningful and valuable and what ideas he should care about it.

Every society or community is defined by similarities, which are shaped in particular by common and harmonious values. In this context, larger communities are also called cultures, which are permanently held together by shared stories and rituals, giving them their own identity.

It becomes complicated when subcultures emerge within these cultures that are in discourse or even in competition with each other. It becomes complex when cultures are mixed in the course of progressive globalization; as we see it above all in international corporations.

Although there was a value discussion at any time, it has never been as intense and at the same time disoriented as it is today. Some scientists therefore speak of a global social transformation that affects the consciousness of each individual. In particular, the intercultural challenges provide for the collision of value systems, which for many people means a complete rethinking.

Organizations of all kinds face the challenge of adapting to this if they do not want to lose their own self-determined culture and at the same time want to cultivate a tolerant approach to the global mixing or association of cultural aspects.

The predominantly conformist attitude of citizens, employees, customers, clients or patients has been over since at least the last millennium. We are increasingly confronted with non-conformist attitudes and the resulting questions. It is questioned, so to speak, the established meaning and value of more and more not self-determined areas of life.

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